Fiberglass Door Installation: What to Expect

Fiberglass entry door

fiberglass door is a great addition to any home if you’re looking for a gorgeous front door that is durable enough to protect you from the forces of nature as well as any intruders that may try to enter your home.

These doors consist of three main components: the frame (stiles and rails), the core and the skin. The stiles run from the top to the bottom on either side of the door, while the rails make up the top and bottom support of the door. The frame itself is made from a wood or high-strength composite material, depending on the manufacturer.

These doors have a core of rigid insulation that protects you from the outdoor climate and acts like a sound-proofing barrier. Made with fiber-reinforced polymer and covered with an artificial grain, fiberglass doors mimic the look and feel of wood doors perfectly. Moreover, these doors are a low-maintenance solution that reaps perks like energy efficiency and stability for years to come.

At Luma, the fiberglass door installation process is fairly simple. Our team of certified technicians come fully equipped in order to complete the entire procedure in a swift and efficient manner. Let’s dive into the overview of the steps we take for a single entry door:


  1. After removing the old door, we begin by ensuring that the new door will fit as it should. This is done by verifying that the frame opening is level, square and plumb. By doing so, we assure that there will be no misalignment issues.
  2. Afterwards, we need to set the door unit to the rough opening. Before doing so, however, we apply generous beads of caulk to the underside of the door sill. A minimum of 4 continuous lines are needed.
  3. Our team members then set the door unit into the opening by lifting the door, setting it down in its appropriate position and aligning it. During this time, other team members will be working on the door from inside the home. They will place a solid shim directly behind each hinge jamb and opening frame so that the door unit is indeed level, square and plumb on all four sides.
  4. Once everything looks good, our team temporarily secures the door unit to the frame. We then check on the weatherstrips and to see whether the contact and margin of the strips are equal all around. If they are not, we make further adjustments as needed. This may involve using additional shims around the frame – 3 or more on both sides until everything is as it should be.
  5. We then drive screws through each jamb and skin into the rough doorway framing to secure.
  6. Once that is completed, we permanently fasten the drywall screams and remove the excess skims and temporary fasteners. Then, our team installs the necessary screws into the top and bottom hinges.


Of course, if this were a door entry door or an in/out-swing door with an adjustable threshold, slightly different steps must be taken and tests must be done in order to ensure that the door(s) is properly installed. Additionally, the installation time will vary depending on the nature of the doors as well as the doorframe and what there is to work with. Regardless of that, our team is fully qualified to perform fiberglass door installations.

So if you are looking for an entry door that looks sturdy, requires little maintenance, is resistant to wear and tear, does not rot, shrink or warp with time, and is one of the most secure options out there – look no further than fiberglass entry doors. Our team has been in this industry for over 20 years, and we have a wide selection of options, along with a solid reputation that makes us the optimal choice for fiberglass door installations. Give us a call at (905) 303-0560 for a free estimate today.