Sliding Patio Doors

Patio doors are a standard option for homes, giving the space easy access to a backyard. Beyond that, these doors help provide more natural light in a home, as well as a great view of the outdoors.

Standard Features

  1. Oversized sash frames create an opulent luxurious look.
  2. Soft touch fin weather strip coupled with precision tandem rollers give a smooth and effortless gliding action not found on other doors.
  3. Flush-mounted screw covers at exposed screw ports along with jamb pocket covers, in and out, and discretely hidden bumpers give a smooth finished lock with no visible installation screws.
  4. Special multi-finned weather strips at both the top and bottom interlock positions effectively reduce air infiltration.
  5. Twin point lock with inside and outside pulls in paint finish is standard.
  6. Superior 2” x ½ “screen with fiberglass mesh, adjustable steel rollers, lock with pull handles, and heavy-duty zinc keeper.
  7. 1” LoE argon sealed units backed by a lifetime warranty.
  8. The industry’s most comprehensive warranty and customer support policy.
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Our entry doors are manufactured locally in Vaughan. Our team of door installers is comprised of experienced and skilled professionals with a wealth of knowledge in the industry. When you hire us, you’re assured of high-quality completed by skilled installers who will ensure maximum energy savings and lasting performance. During each stage of the process of your installation, our expert installers will be willing and available to answer any questions you have or show you how to use your new door. We are here for you every step of the way.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Luma Exterior Doors warrants that our door systems will be free of defects in workmanship and or materials used, provided that the door system has been used under normal residential use for a period of ten (10) years from date of purchase. Luma Exterior Doors will at its sole discretion or option, repair or replace a door in case such door warps, rusts, or delaminates in normal residential use on all Polytech 24 gauge steel doors for a period of ten (10) years from date of purchase. Luma Doors will at its sole discretion or option, repair or replace a door that is defective within the meaning of this guarantee. Any claims for rehanging, refinishing, or other expenses will not be allowed. Thickness, width, and height tolerances from nominal sizes shall not exceed 1/16” plus or minus. For doors 3’0” x 6’8” or smaller, deformation (bow, cup, twist, warp) shall not be considered a defect unless it exceeds ¼” in the plane of the doors itself (doors larger than 7’0” height warp not to exceed 3/8”) when measured as specified in Clause C.S.A Standard 0132.2-1972. All painted door systems are warranted under normal conditions for a period of ten (10) years against weathering, specifically “peeling, cracking or blistering from/on the applied surface and significant ultraviolet discoloration” (greater than 6 Delta E units) cased by natural environmental atmospheric conditions. The terms of this warranty extend from the first date of purchase by the user for limited lifetime warranty. This warranty is transferable with original proof of purchase and only applies to residential construction and /or renovations. If a warranted product is no longer available, the manufacturer, at its absolute discretion, may replace the warranted product with a substituted item which would be as close as possible in dimension/function and colour. The manufacturer however, cannot guarantee that the replacement item will be exactly the same in all aspects when compared with the original item. Exclusions
  • Improper installation or service of the doors and related accessories
  • Wear and tear suffered through normal use (including scratches and cuts) or damage caused by impacts of accidents
  • Damage from improper care and maintenance. Proper care and maintenance is the responsibility solely of the homeowner.
  • Discolouration or damage caused by exposure to intensive or excessive light including ultra violet light, moisture or heat
  • Alterations, modifications or use of the warranted products which is beyond or inconsistent with the supplied product instructions and which has not been authorized by Luma.
  • Condensation or excessive ice build up. Condensation that may occur dues to excess level of humidity within the building. Floor vents must be properly located.
  • Any miscellaneous items added or affixes to the door such as wreaths, door knockers, door numbers, peepholes or any decorative items which may cause scratching to the finished surface or damage to the door will Void all warranties.
  • Pressure washing doors will Void warranty
  • Economic loss
  • Any door system with a storm door installed will void all warranties, due to excessive heat build up.
  • All warranties will be Void if Fiberglass door systems do not have a multi-point locking system.
  • Acceptable variance in the staining process for fiberglass doors systems may not be exactly as per brochure colour shown.
  • Problems due to misuse or abuse, failure to follow proper maintenance (ex: harmful solvents or cleaning solutions) as a result of any cause beyond our control (ex: fire, flood, earthquakes) or other acts of nature and acts of 3rd party.
  • Any door which has been repaired or modified or attempted to have been repaired or modified by any person other than an authorized representative of Luma Doors

How to make a warranty claim?

Proof of purchase must be supplied. Proof of home ownership and date of product purchase must also be supplied upon a warranty claim submission. Attention: Upon receiving your notification, we will send out an acknowledgement within 24 hours to the contact to which you have provided. We will investigate your claim and begin to take action within 45 days after receipt of notification. If the investigation reveals that this warranty does not apply, then the warranty claim will become null and void.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Typically, the door will take between 10 days to 2 weeks to manufacture. The installation time can vary depending on factors such as complexity of the job and availability of parts. Generally, it will take us about 2-3 hours to install your sliding patio door.
Sliding patio doors are a great way to increase natural light while offering easy access to your outdoor living space. They also providing added security features to keep your home protected.
All of our sliding doors are made of vinyl. Vinyl doors are extremely durable and energy-efficient, making them perfect for your home.
Yes, you can add features such as security screens, grilles or inside blinds to your sliding patio doors. Security screens and grilles provide extra safety and protection, while blinds help to control the amount of light entering a room as well as provide privacy when needed. When adding these extra features, it is important to make sure that the frames for the screens, grilles or blinds are appropriately sized and secured to the wall next to the door frame to ensure they are stable and secure. Additionally, be sure to check with your local building code requirements for additional specifications that may need to be met when installing these extra features.
Sliding French doors are typically taller than regular patio doors and feature two panels that move away from each other when opening. This design allows for more natural light to enter a space while still providing the convenience of being able to open the door without taking up too much space. Traditional patio doors are usually shorter in height and consist of one or two panels that will slide along tracks when opening. They may also feature a hinging mechanism allowing the door to swing outward or inward.
Yes, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on our doors that covers the door itself, in addition to installation. To learn more about our warranty, please scroll up to browse the Limited Lifetime Warranty tab on this page.
Regular maintenance of your sliding backyard door is important to keep it working properly and safely. To clean the door, you can simple use soap and water with a soft microfiber cloth. Make sure to regularly check the door tracks for dirt, dust and debris that could cause the door to become stuck or difficult to open. You should also inspect the locks and hinges monthly, as well as lubricate them with a dry lubricant at least once a year. Finally, make sure to weatherproof your sliding backyard door if it will be exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture.
Depending on where your sliding backyard door is located, it may be beneficial to weatherproof it. If the door is exposed to extreme temperatures and moisture, coating it with a weather-resistant sealant can help protect it from the elements. Weatherproofing can also reduce wear-and-tear on the door and hinges, helping them last longer and remain in good condition.
Yes, we offer a variety of energy-efficient options, which include double and triple glazing, Low-E glass, inert gases between glass panes, low conductivity spacer bars, and insulated frames, sashes, and door cores.
Our sliding doors can range anywhere from $1,800 - $7,000. The average cost range is roughly between $1,800 - $3,500.
Yes, we have a showroom located in Vaughan, Ontario. Come check us out - we look forward to having you!
You will want to measure your door from the inside of the frame - directly across to the other inner edge. 
Slight discrepancies are manageable - our experts will work with you to find a solution. If we are dealing with a larger discrepancy, you may need to customize your door. 
You may order custom hardware from our catalog. As long as it comes from our catalog, it will not void your warranty.
You may change your lock mechanism with locks from our catalog. This will not void your warranty.
Yes, repainting your door down the line may void your warranty.
Damages are not covered by our warranty. Customers are responsible for repairing damages that occur after the door is installed.
We offer a wide range of colour options, which are available to browse in our catalog. If you have a colour in mind that is not in our catalog, we are able to do a colour match for you, which is subject to an additional cost.
We offer a wide range of colour options, which are available to browse in our catalog. If you have a colour in mind that is not in our catalog, we are able to do a colour match for you, which is subject to an additional cost.

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