Why Choose Vinyl Windows Over Aluminum Windows

Vinyl windows

If you are renovating your home or planning to renovate and want to replace those twenty-year-old rotten wooden windows then you have most likely considered either aluminum or vinyl windows.

Both aluminum and vinyl windows are super popular in contemporary housing. They are more durable and cheaper than wood. If you think that aluminum is the clear winner, think again. Yes. aluminum is harder and stronger than vinyl – that is an indisputable fact. But do you really need that additional strength? Unless you have extremely large windows, you do not really gain any benefits from aluminum.

Vinyl windows are superior to aluminum windows in almost every aspect. Continue reading if you wish to learn more.

Vinyl Windows Are Cheaper

Vinyl windows are significantly cheaper than aluminum, sometimes up to 40% cheaper. This will fluctuate depending on where you live, but you will be hard-pressed to find good-quality aluminum windows cheaper than vinyl windows.

Despite the affordable price,vinyl windows also come with various designs to reflect your unique taste. The money you invest into your house, especially vinyl windows, will significantly increase the resale value.

Vinyl Windows Are Better Insulators

Think about it. You have most likely experienced this first-hand. Try to touch a large piece of aluminum in the middle of winter. It will be extremely cold.

This is because aluminum is great at conducting heat. Now, imagine how much heat you lose because of that. A vinyl window will lower your energy bill about 10-15% annually. This is another huge advantage of vinyl windows vs aluminum.

Vinyl Windows Are More Durable

Aluminum is a metal, which means that it has all the disadvantages of most other metals. It corrodes, rots, peels, and chips. Yes, aluminum can corrode even though it is one of those metals that are more resistant to it. Corroded aluminum looks horrible if not taken care of.

Vinyl windows, on the other hand, are very resistant to corrosion. Also, aluminum windows may end up needing repainting or re-coating. Repainting will cost you time, money, and effort. Meanwhile, vinyl windows do not require repainting. They can be repainted, but it is simply not necessary.

As a result of all that, vinyl windows require almost no maintenance at all except for the occasional wipe to remove dirt and debris. This can be done with water and soap, unlike aluminum windows which require special metal cleaners.


Since vinyl windows are cheaper, more durable, insulate better, and require less maintenance, it is a no-brainer to go with vinyl and just ignore aluminum altogether. Also, there is a subjective aspect to it: vinyl windows look more modern and have a cleaner look overall.

The good news is that our vinyl windows are made from the finest materials so that our customers can enjoy their new windows for a long time; and with the energy-saving properties of our windows, our customers enjoy significant savings on their energy bills. If you are still not sure how to choose the right windows for your home, you are more than welcome to contact our specialists at (647) 370-9588 to book your free estimate today. At Luma, you can always find your dream windows and doors.