Why Choose Fiberglass Entry Doors for Your Home?

Fiberglass entry door

Fiberglass doors make for a great entry door for a number of reasons that you might not know about. It is always important to do your research before selecting a fiberglass door. Luckily, you can find a wide range of  energy-efficient, durable, and aesthetically pleasing fiberglass doors at Luma.

Let’s discuss why to choose fiberglass and compare the different types of entry doors available to you.

Why Choose Fiberglass?

With all the things you have to do around the house convenience is key. Fiberglass entry doors offer you low maintenance, they are stunningly beautiful, completely secure, and energy efficient. Coming in many customizable options, there is so much to love about these doors.

Fiberglass vs. Wood

Fiberglass doors are a much better alternative to wood doors because they are more durable and less likely to swell and shrink in inclement weather. Fiberglass doors won’t shrink, warp, split, crack, or delaminate. Additionally, they are made of a composite material that can withstand humid and harsh climates unlike wood doors which often expand with humidity and warp in these wetter climates.

Fiberglass  vs. Steel

Perhaps the most important difference between steel and fiberglass is the fact that fiberglass is made to be efficient. Fiberglass doors will save you time and money over the lifetime of the door. Also, unlike its steel counterpart fiberglass resists wear and tear and can be painted or stained to match your existing decor.

Steel doors are often the better option for safety purposes, but what they gain in safety rating they lose in curb appeal. However, steel doors could be more flexible in lock systems, frames and prices, so lots of people believe steel doors are an economical option compared to the relatively more expensive fiberglass doors.

Awesome Features from Luma’s Fiberglass Doors

1. UPVC Welded Frame with Full Aluminum Reinforcement

We use UPVC or Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride for door material because it is sustainable, recyclable and resistant to chemical erosion, so it won’t break down over time. The best part is that it will not be affected by the extreme weather conditions so that it will provide the ultimate protection for your home over time.

2. Fiberglass Panels are scratch resistant and ready for paint

Fiberglass panels are made from strong polyester resin reinforced with glass fibre, which are scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. They are also available in Smooth or Textured surface ready for paint or stain. You can always enjoy the customized look with perfect comfort.

Installing your fiberglass door?

A fiberglass door is a valuable asset to your home, so you can always trust the expert window installers from Luma to tackle the task with ease. We will not only ensure the seamless installation, but also keep you informed of each step and remove any debris once the project is complete.

When you choose Luma, you can rest assured that you will get your high quality and aesthetically pleasing fiberglass entry door without any hassle. Our doors will be the important asset for your home in the long run. We have a large selection of fiberglass doors as well as steel doors that come in a variety of styles and colours. Browse our collection or call us today at (905) 303-0560 for your free estimate.