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    Front doors provide an entryway into a house, but they also serve as a barrier between the outside world and the safety and security of one's home. 

    In addition to the functional purposes that entry doors serve, they also play a significant role in a home's aesthetic appeal. With an increasing selection of modern, energy-efficient front doors, there's no need to settles for less. The front door is often the focal point of a home's exterior, and can greatly impact the overall look and feel of a property. By investing in a high-quality front door, you can increase the energy efficiency of your home, reducing your energy bills. Replacing an old or outdated front door can significantly improve the overall look of a home and add value to the property.

    There are many design options available for front doors in Vaughan, including traditional, modern, and contemporary styles. Ajax homeowners can choose from a variety of colors, finishes, and decorative elements to create a front door that reflects their personal style and complements the overall aesthetic of their home. Some homeowners may even opt for custom front doors to create a truly unique and personalized look.

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    The average cost to replace windows in Ajax is:

    Window Type Window Prices
    Price Estimate FREE in Ajax
    Bay/Bow $2,499-$5,999
    Casement $389-$949
    Awning Window $389-$949
    Sliding Window $259-$789
    Sliding Hung Window $269-$849

    The cost to install new windows to different rooms of your house in Ajax is:

    Window Location Window Prices by Room
    Price Estimate FREE in Ajax
    Kitchen $349-$849
    Living Room $1199-$2499
    Bedroom $449-$1199
    Basement $249-$649
    Basement Egress $1499-$3999

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    What Our Clients in Ajax Say

    Rathan Kandasa
    Rathan Kandasa
    Great customer services excellent price and excellent job
    boney atwal
    boney atwal
    After a lot of research we chose the right company. Alex and his crew were extremely professional and the installation went very smooth. The company even threw in an extra accessory for security system monitor with a matching color combination.
    John Bongertman
    John Bongertman
    Very professional service and outstanding work. I highly recommend Luma Doors & Widows for all door and window replacement needs.
    Kim Racioppo
    Kim Racioppo
    Extremely happy with Luma Doors & Windows! Alex is very knowledgeable, easy to work with and provided great customer service!! I highly recommend them!!!
    Daniel Tsinman
    Daniel Tsinman
    Incredible customer experience from start to finish. Extremely knowledgeable, competitive pricing and very responsive.
    Lillian Foroozandeh
    Lillian Foroozandeh
    Thank you Luma for the incredible work done on my front door! So impressed with the service and professionalism of your team. Quick turnaround and great outcome. Couldn’t be happier 😊
    David Galati
    David Galati
    We chose the right company for replacing our front doors. The installation was delayed for a couple of months, but we are very happy with the look of the door and the quality of the installation.
    Vanessa C
    Vanessa C
    Alex from Luma Doors was extremely helping from start to finish! I wanted a custom design and he made my vision come true! Amazing quality and workmanship! Will definitely recommend to anyone looking for superior quality and fast turnaround! Would give 10 stars!! Thank you for making my house the prettiest on the block!
    Shani Pup
    Shani Pup
    Luma replaced the windows in our home and we got our front door from them as well. The windows and the door both look and function great. Thank you for both a great professional service as well excellent customer service. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

    Helping You Improve Your Home

    Ajax Windows And Doors Installation Services

    Homeowners in Ajax want their home to be beautiful, comfortable and inviting. Apart from that, they want it to be energy efficient so that they can save money on energy bills.

    The team at Luma understands this, which is why we work closely with our clients to help them find the best windows and doors that satisfy all of their needs. Every homeowner is different, and we offer a number of custom options for our vinyl windows and entry doors to meet the needs of all of our valued customers. Our team also takes the time to help our clients understand how they can save money with our fantastic products.

    From our vinyl window options, which includes casement, awning, fixed, hung, bay, bow, custom-shaped, and sliding windows, to our entry doors, which includes steel, fiberglass, patio, storm, and garage, you'll find the perfect option for you.

    After assisting you in choosing the ideal windows and/or doors for your home, our installation team will carry out a proficient installation of your new products within your home.

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    We've Got Your Back

    Ajax Doors and Windows Replacement

    How do you know when it's time to get your windows or doors replaced? This is a question we are frequently asked by homeowners in Ajax.

    When it comes to door and window replacements, there are a few things you should look for:

    • Increased energy bills
    • The door or window does not work properly (ie; gets stuck)
    • Your home is drafty
    • Noticeable moisture damage
    • Condensation between window panes 

    If you have experienced any of these things, or you simply want to upgrade your door's appearance, it may be time to get your door replaced. Safety should never be compromised. If you are in need of a door replacement in Ajax, give us a call, today.

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      The team at Luma Doors + Windows is available to help homeowners with all of their windows and doors needs. No matter where you are in Ajax and surrounding areas, you can call us to help you.

      Questions About Our Windows and Doors Services in Ajax

      This is an important question for people that want to know how they can keep their house more energy-efficient or just nicer.  Putting in new windows and doors will change the look of your place, but also make it easier to heat and cool.

      Step 1: Plan the Job

      Before we start to install your windows or doors, we will need to plan what size and type of window/door you’ll need. What function will the window/door serve? How much room do I have for the frame of the window/door? What material we will use? Taking time at this stage will reduce any future problems when installing your windows/doors.

      Step 2: Preparing Walls

      The most common cause of leaks around windows is moisture that has penetrated the building due to poor preparation. Luma experts will ensure that all old plaster, loose bricks, or mortar are removed before applying new rendering and plaster. Also, any damp areas will be treated and dried out before you start to install your windows/doors.

      Step 3: Window Frames

      Before installing the frame for your window or door, we will check that the adjoining wall is clean and flat. We will fill any uneven surfaces with a suitable filler before installing the window framework. Ensure all nails are countersunk below the surface of the woodwork (preferably by predrilling holes). When fitting frames to brick walls we will make sure that screws or nails used do not penetrate too far into the structure of brickwork otherwise it could cause damage in future years when items such as internal doors need to be removed. For cavity walls, we will ensure that no timbers can become dislodged due to the expansion and contraction of bricks and mortar.

      Step 4: Window or Door Installation

      Finally, when installing your window/door, we will make sure that they are secured to the frame of the surrounding wall and floor at different points to provide an adequate wind load. Once you have installed your window or door, we will allow it to settle before permanently fixing it. Also, once installed we always make sure that any glass panels installed do not become dislodged due to excess water penetration (use sealant around pane edges).

      Absolutely. Our free consultation will include an exterior and interior evaluation of the windows and/or doors, measurements if required to ensure correct pricing, and a quote.

      Many factors will determine how long your windows and doors installation process will take. These factors include:

      1) Whether you have a specific idea of what kind of windows you want to be installed in your home or not.

      2) The size of the windows

      3) Number of windows to be replaced

      4) Window or Doors Style

      Vinyl windows are a popular choice for homeowners because of their affordability and also because they don’t require regular maintenance. Here is a list of advantages for vinyl windows:

      1) Vinyl windows are cheaper than other types of materials used for building new windows which include wood, aluminum, fiberglass, etc.

      2) They are very energy efficient since one can save up to 30% of the heating or cooling expenses by having vinyl windows installed in his/her home

      3) They come in many standard models as well as designs available which means that you’ll need to worry about having something extra special when using vinyl windows since they don’t have a unique design of their own

      4) Vinyl windows are resistant to cracks and most damages are caused by impact similar to that of a hailstone. This resistance makes them a good choice for homes located in areas that experience severe weather conditions.

      5) Vinyl frames allow for greater insulation due to the air pockets found in between them which further reduces expenses related to heating and cooling costs

      Several signs can indicate you should start thinking about replacing your entry doors. They include deteriorating appearance, fading, discoloring, rusting or corroding hinges and latches, scratches, and dents that don’t go away. Entry door frames may need to be replaced if they’re warped or bowing out at the bottom due to moisture damage. Steel doors may also need replacement if they’re rusted through around the deadbolt locks or hinges. If any screws have broken off in the jambs or threshold, it’s time for a replacement as well because once these screws break off, leave holes behind which can allow moisture inside your home.

      To ensure that your home is comfortable and energy-efficient, it’s important to have a schedule for inspecting and updating your windows.

      Over time, even the best quality windows lose their ability to insulate as well as they used to – usually because of air leaks that let hot or cold air into your living space. By the time you notice the first crack in an old window pane, there’s probably already enough room for heat or coolness to escape from inside your house. And those cracks will only become more noticeable over time as drafts make their way through them. If you want warm, cozy winters and cool summers without feeling like you’re living in a sauna or an icebox every, then go ahead and check out our affordable windows in San Diego! Then, you can have a brand new window installed in your home anytime.

      Remember, if you want to be sure that you’re getting the most out of your windows for years to come, regular inspection is important. If any cracks do appear, then don’t hesitate to schedule an annual window inspection with one of our professional technicians. They’ll provide you with a fast and easy assessment of what needs updating or fixing, and they’ll give you helpful tips on how to maintain your windows today and in the future.

      Double pane windows provide better insulation because of the two layers of glass that create an airtight seal. This also helps to reduce noise coming into your home, making double pane windows much quieter than single pane ones. Double pane windows are also more durable and last longer, whereas single panes have a tendency to become cloudy and brittle over time. The extra layer of glass in double pane windows also makes them more energy efficient – providing extra protection from the heat of summer and cold of winter.

      Low-e glass, or low-emissivity glass, is a type of glazing that helps reduce the amount of heat transfer through windows and doors. It works by reflecting infrared energy (heat) back to its source, while still allowing visible light to pass through. Low-e glass can help reduce the need for cooling in hot climates and heating in cold climates, resulting in potential savings on utility bills. Additionally, low-e glass blocks UV rays which can increase furniture fading and fabric deterioration over time.

      Windows should be washed at least twice a year. Replacing damaged weather stripping around door frames should be done once a year, or as soon as any wear and tear is noticed. Regularly checking the weather stripping will ensure it is doing its job properly, providing an extra level of insulation that can help keep energy costs down.

      Yes, storm windows are a worthwhile investment for those in cold climates. Storm windows are designed to provide an extra layer of insulation, which can make a significant difference in helping to keep the cold out and the heat inside. Additionally, they provide extra protection against wind and moisture damage. Installing storm windows can reduce energy bills by up to 25% in colder climates, making them a great option when looking to make a home more energy-efficient.

      Limited Lifetime Warranty

      Luma Exterior Doors warrants that our door systems will be free of defects in workmanship and or materials used, provided that the door system has been used under normal residential use for a period of ten (10) years from date of purchase. 

      Luma Exterior Doors will at its sole discretion or option, repair or replace a door in case such door warps, rusts, or delaminates in normal residential use on all Polytech 24 gauge steel doors for a period of ten (10) years from date of purchase. 

      Luma Doors will at its sole discretion or option, repair or replace a door that is defective within the meaning of this guarantee. Any claims for rehanging, refinishing, or other expenses will not be allowed. 

      Thickness, width, and height tolerances from nominal sizes shall not exceed 1/16” plus or minus.

      For doors 3’0” x 6’8” or smaller, deformation (bow, cup, twist, warp) shall not be considered a defect unless it exceeds ¼” in the plane of the doors itself (doors larger than 7’0” height warp not to exceed 3/8”) when measured as specified in Clause C.S.A Standard 0132.2-1972.

      All painted door systems are warranted under normal conditions for a period of ten (10) years against weathering, specifically “peeling, cracking or blistering from/on the applied surface and significant ultraviolet discoloration” (greater than 6 Delta E units) cased by natural environmental atmospheric conditions. 

      The terms of this warranty extend from the first date of purchase by the user for limited lifetime warranty. This warranty is transferable with original proof of purchase and only applies to residential construction and /or renovations. 

      If a warranted product is no longer available, the manufacturer, at its absolute discretion, may replace the warranted product with a substituted item which would be as close as possible in dimension/function and colour. The manufacturer however, cannot guarantee that the replacement item will be exactly the same in all aspects when compared with the original item. 


      -Improper installation or service of the doors and related accessories

      -Wear and tear suffered through normal use (including scratches and cuts) or damage caused by impacts of accidents

      -Damage from improper care and maintenance. Proper care and maintenance is the responsibility solely of the homeowner. 

      -Discolouration or damage caused by exposure to intensive or excessive light including ultra violet light, moisture or heat

      -Alterations, modifications or use of the warranted products which is beyond or inconsistent with the supplied product instructions and which has not been-authorized by Luma. 

      -Condensation or excessive ice build up. Condensation that may occur dues to excess level of humidity within the building. Floor vents must be properly located. 

      -Any miscellaneous items added or affixes to the door such as wreaths, door knockers, door numbers, peepholes or any decorative items which may cause scratching to the finished surface or damage to the door will Void all warranties. 

      -Pressure washing doors will Void warranty

      -Economic loss

      -Any door system with a storm door installed will void all warranties, due to excessive heat build up. 

      -All warranties will be Void if Fiberglass door systems do not have a multi-point locking system. 

      -Acceptable variance in the staining process for fiberglass doors systems may not be exactly as per brochure colour shown. 

      -Problems due to misuse or abuse, failure to follow proper maintenance (ex: harmful solvents or cleaning solutions) as a result of any cause beyond our control (ex: fire, flood, earthquakes) or other acts of nature and acts of 3rd party.  

      -Any door which has been repaired or modified or attempted to have been repaired or modified by any person other than an authorized representative of Luma Doors


      We offer casement windows, awning windows, fixed windows, single-hung and double-hung windows, bay and bow windows, sliding windows, and custom windows. 

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