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    What is the average cost to replace windows?

    The average cost to replace windows in Uxbridge is:

    Window Type Window Prices
    Price Estimate FREE in Uxbridge
    Bay/Bow $2,499-$5,999
    Casement $389-$949
    Awning Window $389-$949
    Sliding Window $259-$789
    Sliding Hung Window $269-$849
    How much does it cost to install new windows by room?

    The cost to install new windows to different rooms of your house in Uxbridge is:

    Window Location Window Prices by Room
    Price Estimate FREE in Uxbridge
    Kitchen $349-$849
    Living Room $1199-$2499
    Bedroom $449-$1199
    Basement $249-$649
    Basement Egress $1499-$3999

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    What Our Clients in Uxbridge Say

    New Front Door Installed

    I have recently had a new front door installed for me. From the quoting process to the installation itself Alex and his team were very detail oriented in bringing my vision to life while maintaining professionalism.


    Amazing Service

    Amazing service! Definitely the way to go if you're looking for great customer service and professional work. Completed all necessary work in the time frame we discussed and were honestly amazing!


    Pricing Was Great

    Highly recommend!  Pricing was great… the finished door is beautiful and well crafted. The installers did an amazing job!


    Helping You Improve Your Home

    Uxbridge Windows And Doors Installation Services

    Homeowners in Uxbridge want their home to be beautiful, comfortable and inviting. Apart from that, they want it to be energy efficient so that they can save money on energy bills.

    The team at Luma understands this, which is why we work closely with our clients to help them find the best windows and doors that satisfy all of their needs. Every homeowner is different, and we offer a number of custom options for our vinyl windows and entry doors to meet the needs of all of our valued customers. Our team also takes the time to help our clients understand how they can save money with our fantastic products.

    From our vinyl windows, which includes casement, awning, fixed, hung, bay, bow, custom-shaped, and sliding windows, to our entry doors, which includes steel, fiberglass, patio, storm, and garage, you'll find the perfect option for you.

    Once we have helped you select the perfect windows and/or doors for your home, our installation crew will professionally install your new products in your home .

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      Serving Uxbridge and Surrounding Areas

      The team at Luma Doors + Windows is available to help homeowners with all of their windows and doors needs. No matter where you are in Uxbridge and surrounding areas, you can call us to help you.

      Questions About Our Windows and Doors Services in Uxbridge

      How do you install new windows and doors in Uxbridge?

      Luma has been a leader in the window and door replacement industry for years. With products built to last, as well as outstanding customer service, Luma is an excellent choice when it comes time for your next upgrade or repair!

      Step 1: Plan the Job

      Before we start to install your windows or doors, it is important that you provide us with a clear idea of what function the window/door will serve. How much room do I have for frames in my house? What material are most preferable off all possible choices? Taking time at this stage can reduce any future problems when installing new products into our homes’ exteriors.

      Step 2: Preparing Walls

      Luma experts will use their expertise to make sure you never have leaks again! Our skilled team of professionals is trained in the most effective ways to stop water intrusion and preserve what’s precious. You can rest assured knowing that your home investment remains safe with us by providing durable finishes without ever having touched them ourselves!

      Step 3: Window Frames

      Our team of experts will check that your wall is clean and flat before installing the framework. They’ll fill in any uneven surfaces with a suitable filler, making sure all nails or screws are countersunk below-the surface (and preferably by predrilling). When fitting frames to brick walls we don’t penetrate too far into its structure unless there’s something holding us back like an interior doorframe; this way you can remove items later without damaging anything!

      Step 4: Window or Door Installation

      We take great care when installing your new windows and doors. We will make sure it is properly secured against wind loads, as well as water penetration from rain or snowfall (use sealant around pane edges). Once installed we always allow our work to settle before permanently fixing them in place; this way you know exactly what’s going on with each panel of glass!

      Do you offer a free estimate for windows or doors replacement?

      No matter how big or small the job is, Luma offers a free estimate. In spite of being extremely competitive, our prices are already established in the industry, which means you get quality materials at an affordable price. A reasonable price for great work, no gimmicks, no sales pitches.

      How Long Will the Windows and doors Installation Process Take?

      The price varies widely based on the window size, the number of windows, the type of door, and the access for installation.

      Is Vinyl a Good Choice for Door and Window Frames?

      The ease of installation and durability of vinyl make it a popular choice for door and window frames. Vinyl may be the way to go if you’re buying new windows and doors:

      Vinyl frames for windows and doors can be just as attractive as those made of wood. Due to the colors and textures available, it is very similar to real wood without all the drawbacks.

      When do I know that I need to replace the entry doors of my house?
      • A draft around your exterior door – If you notice condensation on your windows or feel a draft around your exterior door, your door may not be properly sealed.
      • When you notice your entryway is no longer straight or level, it may have warped due to changes in temperature and humidity. Over time, metal doors can also warp due to changes in temperature and humidity.
      • The doorway does not fit the frame – If you find that your exterior doorway is too big for the frame of your house after opening or closing the door, it might be too large. The jambs should be replaced if both sides are out of alignment.


      • When closing your existing door, it sticks in its frame, or it opens easier from one side than the other, you may have a hardware issue. A corroded lockset and roller, loose hinges, cracked thresholds or jambs, improperly installed handle sets, etc. 
      When do I know that I need to replace my windows?

      Since windows are such an integral part of your house, knowing when to replace them is crucial.

      1) Age

      There is no such thing as an indestructible window. Rot begins to develop in the windows after 4-7 years (depending on the weather).

      2) Wear and Tear

      In the event that your windows are damaged in any way (cracked glass, broken seals, rot, etc. ), it may be time to replace them. Damaged windows should not be repaired if they show signs of wear and tear, as this could lead to more problems down the road. The cost of repairing windows is roughly the same as that of replacing them, so it makes more sense to have them replaced than repaired.

      3) Windows don’t fit properly

      You may not be able to close your windows properly because your windows may not have been installed properly if you’ve replaced one or two sashes but the others don’t work. Draughts can also form through your windows, especially if you have double glazing installed.