Project Details

We had a homeowner in Maple give us a call. They were looking for a new front door to replace their old one, so they booked an appointment with Luma’s team for a free estimate. We took measurements and helped them find a door that they loved and worked well for their home. Once everything was ready, our team came in and installed a sleek new brown fiberglass entry door in their home.

The great features of their new door include:

  • Brown, mahogany-grain texture
  • 2/4 camber top panel + 2/4 panel
  • 2 frosted direct set sidelites
  • Black door handle
  • Smart door bell

 At Luma, we take the door installation process very seriously. We began this installation by protecting the interior floors with protective sheets, then we removed the old door. Next, we custom fit and professionally installed the new door. The entire installation only took about 4 hours! 

Their beautiful new replacement door is much more energy-efficient, meaning they can stay comfortable during the winter and summer months. In addition, the doors are made of a strong material, making them easier to maintain and more durable. They are very pleased with their new door and are confident that it will lead to lower maintenance costs in the long run! It was a pleasure serving these homeowners in Maple! Contact Luma Doors + Windows to get started on your own home project today!

After image from brown fiberglass entry door replacement project in Maple.
Before image from brown fiberglass entry door replacement project in Maple.

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