Project Details

It all began when a homeowner in Don Mills decided it was time for a change. They were ready to bid farewell to their old, worn-out black door and usher in a new era of elegance and energy efficiency. Their choice? A stunning brown fiberglass door with the warm, wood-like color that perfectly complemented the grey limestone exterior of their home.

Key highlights of our brown fiberglass single door with frosted sidelites include:

  • Classic Brown Single Door
  • 2 Frosted Sidelites
  • Energy Efficient
  • Glass Transom
  • Highly Durable

This door wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was a statement of their commitment to a more energy-efficient and welcoming home. With two frosted sidelites and a glass transom, it let natural light flow into the foyer, creating an inviting and bright ambiance. The homeowner’s decision to upgrade to an energy-efficient door was not just an investment in the look of their home but also a step towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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See the Installation Process Below!

Brown Entry Door Installation in Don Mills

At Luma Doors, we understand that the entryway is the gateway to your home’s personality. Our commitment to our clients doesn’t stop at providing good quality doors; we’re here to ensure a seamless transition from old to new. This Don Mills project was no exception. Our skilled team swiftly and expertly handled the installation, ensuring that the new door was not only a visual delight but also a secure and efficient one.

But our services extend far beyond Don Mills. We proudly serve the entire Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Whether you’re in Don Mills, Thornhill, Scarborough, or any other GTA neighborhood, we’re your trusted partner for door replacements that elevate both the aesthetics and functionality of your home. Ready to transform your entryway? Contact us today!