Project Details

It all began with a simple inquiry. A homeowner in Barrie had a vision of transforming their home’s entryway into something truly special. They sought out a classic solution that could breathe new life into their space, and that’s where Luma Doors came into the picture.

The client’s request was straightforward – a classic white door with a narrow frosted sidelite, a choice that would radiate simplicity and charm while safeguarding privacy. The door’s glass insert, while allowing a glimpse of the outside world, also ensured energy efficiency and durability. What seemed like an ordinary door project was, in reality, a step towards the extraordinary, a transformation of their home’s facade.

Key highlights of our classic white steel single door include:

  • Classic White Single Door
  • 1 Narrow Frosted Sidelite
  • Energy Efficiency
  • 1 Glass Insert
  • High Durability

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Classic white steel door

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White Steel Entry Door Installation in Barrie

Our expertise extends far beyond Barrie, reaching every corner of the Greater Toronto Area. The classic white door installation for this client wasn’t just about adding charm to their Barrie residence; it was about enhancing their home’s first impression. Our team didn’t just install a door; they opened the gateway to a welcoming, energy-efficient, and durable entryway. The sidelite added an extra touch of character and allowed natural light to grace the interior. Let us be your trusted partner in making your entrance more than just a door. Contact us today to discover how we can elevate your entryway, no matter where you call home in the GTA.