Project Details

In the upscale district of Yorkville, a homeowner had a vision to revamp their entryway. They turned to Luma Doors for the ideal solution: a remarkable dark brown single fiberglass door adorned with two elegant frosted sidelites and a transom. This choice not only elevated their home’s curb appeal but also infused a sense of welcoming warmth to their surroundings.

The following features come with this Dark Brown entry door:

When our client reached out to us, they were seeking an upgrade that would set their home apart. The transformation journey commenced with a steel double door replacement. The outdated look was traded for a striking dark brown fiberglass single door, boasting intricate details like frosted sidelites and a transom. The addition of a modern black door handle provided the finishing touch, perfectly melding style and function. Contact us today if you’d like a stylish and reliable entry door upgrade!

dark brown entry door with sidelites installation dark brown fiberglass door with frosted glass sidelites installation

Watch the Installation Below!

Your Professional Door Installers

This single door installation showcases our commitment to swift and expert transformations. Upon receiving the client’s request, our skilled team sprang into action. The old steel double door made way for the new dark brown fiberglass single door with finesse and precision. The two frosted sidelites and transom introduced a play of light that effortlessly brightened the foyer.

Our service extends beyond Yorkville, embracing the entire GTA. With efficiency as our hallmark, we ensure that door installations are completed promptly, backed by years of expertise. Contact us to embark on a journey of entryway enhancement that spans across the GTA and beyond, bringing  to your doorstep.