Project Details

Let’s dive into a homeowner’s quest for a stylish entryway transformation in Erin Mills. It all started when a homeowner approached us, envisioning a fresh look for their entrance. The solution? A sleek black fiberglass door installation.

The following features come with this black entry door:

This modern black wood grain-textured single fiberglass door, along with two chic frosted sidelites and a sleek pull bar handle, breathed new life into the entryway, perfectly reflecting the homeowner’s taste. The combination of these elements brought a touch of contemporary charm to the entrance while perfectly suiting the homeowner’s taste. If you want to replace your old entry door with a stylish new one, contact us today!

modern black front door with glass sidelites modern black front door with sidelites installation

Watch the Installation Below!

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Our expertise was set into motion as we embarked on the installation of the new trendy black fiberglass door. This seamless transformation not only breathed new life into the entryway but also added a sense of sophistication that resonates with modern design sensibilities.

Our expertise goes beyond Erin Mills. We service the entire Greater Toronto Area, providing quick and dependable door installations. With our swift and expert installation process, homeowners can experience the thrill of a revamped entrance without unnecessary hassle. Let us transform your home’s first impression – contact us today and explore our front doors collection!