Project Details

We recently had a client in Toronto give us a call because they wanted to replace their old white entry door with a more modern door. We booked them in for a consultation, where we discussed exactly what they were looking for. Once we had all the information we needed, our team provided them with a beautiful modern white steel entry door. We custom manufactured their new door with our partners in Ontario!

This door has many amazing features, including:

  • 1/4 + 3/4 decorative glass insert
  • Direct set sidelite with decorative glass
  • Nickel-plated door handle
  • Smart lock
  • Smooth texture

Not only did this beautiful new door provide this customer’s home a great new look, but it will also increase its energy efficiency and durability. This  steel door can also help to increase the value of the home by making it more appealing to potential buyers in the future. By replacing their old door with a new one, this homeowner has extended the life of their home and made it look its best for years to come! It was a pleasure to serve this customer in Toronto! 

At Luma, we believe that doors should be both affordable and high quality. That’s why we offer a wide selection of doors in a variety of styles and materials. Whether you’re looking for a fiberglass door or a steel door, we have something to suit your needs. Contact Luma Doors + Windows to get started today!

After image from a steel white entry door replacement project in Toronto.
Before image from a steel white entry door replacement project in Toronto.

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