Project Details

The story of this transformation began with a simple desire for change. The homeowner, long dissatisfied with their outdated wooden door, decided it was time for a fresh look. That’s when they reached out to Luma Doors, looking for a door that could elevate their home’s appearance while delivering the energy efficiency and durability they needed. After a thoughtful discussion, the idea of a black fiberglass door with two sidelites was introduced.

The following features come with this black entry door:

The homeowner was immediately captivated by the possibilities, setting the stage for a remarkable transformation. The fiberglass single entry door, accompanied by two beautiful sidelites with intricate wrought iron detailing, brings an elegant blend of traditional design and durability to this home.

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old door replacement Black fiberglass door with iron sidelites

Seamless Door Installations Throughout GTA

Luma Doors prides itself on providing quick and dependable door installations with minimal disruptions to your daily life. A stunning fiberglass single entry door with two sidelites, featuring intricate wrought iron detailing, was installed for this home. This addition brought a timeless charm to the home, flooding the interior with natural light, all while maintaining energy efficiency and exceptional durability.

At Luma Doors, we proudly serve the entire Greater Toronto Area, ensuring that homeowners can experience smooth and swift entryway transformations that blend seamlessly with their daily routines.